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1. Avoid Spray Sunscreens

While convenient, they pose serious issues if inhaled and make it too easy to miss spots.  In addition, they are a waste, as you end up spraying half the product into the air!

2. Be cautious of high SPF’s (50 or higher)

Sun Protection Factor relates only to protection from UVB radiation and not UVA rays – which are the ones responsible for skin aging and skin cancer.

3. Avoid Sunscreen/Bug Spray combos

Chemicals that filter UVA rays can react with chemicals in insect repellants compromising sunburn protection.  Also, applying every two hours, as suggested, could cause overexposure to the repellent chemicals.

4. Look out for Oxybenzone

This chemical penetrates the skin and mimics estrogen.  It is also a common allergin in sunscreens.

5. Look out for Retinyl Palmitate

This chemical has been shown to speed the development of skin tumors and lesions.

6. Avoid suncreen powders and towelettes

These products have such sketchy protection properties that even the FDA bars them!

jGj is sharing this advice from EWG’s – Environmental Working Group’s recent post: EWG’s 2014 Top Sunscreens picks

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