Eco-Spring Cleaning

The first target of spring cleaning efforts tends to be the closet. It makes sense that once the seasons change, we turn over our dressers and closets, making way for a more suitable wardrobe. This changeover ultimately generates unwanted clothing – one of the most recyclable items regularly thrown in the trash. Even if the clothing is damaged in some way, textiles should not end up in the waste stream. A depressing 1 in 3 people admit to throwing perfectly wearable clothing away because it’s easier than donating. That translates to 26 billion pounds of textiles yearly. To landfills.

Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 7.42.06 PMFlowerIconTinyGet to know your local thrift stores, Goodwill and consignment shops. Check in with your city on textile recycling events. Just because you won’t continue to wear it, doesn’t mean it won’t be of interest or need to somebody else.

FlowerIconTinyNot sure how or where to recycle unwanted items? Earth911 to the rescue! Just enter the refuse material & your zip code and locations in your area willing to recycle the item pop up.

FlowerIconTinyTo rid your life of those pre-screened credit card and insurance offers, contact or call 888-OPT-OUT.

FlowerIconTinyTo stop general, unsolicited junk mail contact the Direct Marketing Association to remove your name from their list.

Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 7.43.45 PMFlowerIconTinyMost all bills can be paid online these days. Check your latest credit card or utility bill to be switched over to online payment. Our forests are counting on you!!

FlowerIconTinyNearly every community, township, city…municipality have multiple, yearly electronic waste events. Check your town’s online home page and record and commit to the recycling event dates. If your community is a rare, recycling event exception to what is common practice these days, BEST BUY, HOME DEPOT, LOWE’S and many other big box stores recycle electronic items and accessories. Still stumped? Many schools participate with organizations like Terracycle, collecting, shipping and earning money for recyclable materials. They may be collecting just the “brigade” you need. School wins, environment wins, YOU win.

FlowerIconTinyCell phones are recycled almost anywhere that accepts electronics. But Secure the Call is an organization that is particularly worthy. All donated phones are converted to 911 emergency access phones for senior citizens and domestic violence victims.



FlowerIconTinyIf you’d like to do one, big purge of larger items – sofas, mattresses, discards from a renovation like toilets, cabinets and building materials – give The Junk Luggers a call. They are an eco-friendly carting service, which means they do their utmost to keep all that you’ve discarded out of the waste stream. They will even obtain a receipt for your tax purposes for anything of worth that is donated to charitable organizations.



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