Palm Oil Alert!

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 12.10.48 AMOne ingredient that needs to be on everyone’s radar is palm oil. Forests/habitats are being decimated because of the demand for this oil. It should be a priority to support companies that are sensitive to where their palm oil is sourced.

Yep, there’s a certification for that! CSPO (Certified Sustainable Palm Oil) and RSPO. It’s the SPO (Sustainable Palm Oil) that you need to look for.

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 12.11.38 AMOrangutans are particularly effected by the palm oil trade. Their habitat is exclusive to the Sumatra and Borneo forests, and because they are aboreal by nature, they are exceptionally vulnerable. But habitat loss for the orangutans has broader ramifications. It’s about deforestation – something our planet can no longer endure. So, look for the CSPO or RSPO logo(s) while checking ingredients. It can be difficult to know if palm oil is an ingredient because it is commonly listed as “vegetable oil.” If palm oil is an ingredient RSPO Certificationand the product doesn’t indicate that it’s sustainably certified, do a little more sleuthing on the manufacturer’s website. They may be sourcing eco-friendly palm oils without incorporating a logo on their product. If not, let them know why you chose not to support their product. Voting with your dollars is a powerful force.


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