Make your Own Aromatic Diffuser

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What you’ll need:

FlowerIconTiny Short ceramic or glass jar with small neck or opening – no more  than half the height of the reed stick

FlowerIconTiny 5-6 Reed Sticks – rattan is the material of choice

FlowerIconTiny ¼ cup Base or “Carrier” oil – Safflower or Sweet Almond 

FlowerIconTiny 15 drops Pure Essential Oils – any pleasing combination

FlowerIconTiny A splash of Alcohol (1 tspn) – at least 90% Alcohol content

Mix Base oil with alcohol thoroughly. Add essential oils. Insert sticks and stir.

Once stick ends have become saturated (a few hours), rotate dry ends into oils. Continue to flip the sticks every week or so. Once the scent is exhausted, add more essential oil.

Replace the Reed Sticks once they’ve become completely saturated.

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  1.' JoAnn says:

    so, I was so excited to make my own aromatic diffuser.
    “alcohol” what exactly is meant by alcohol.
    from the drug store, the liquor store? Form the drug store completely destroys any scent from my 100% pure essential oil.

    Help me please?

    • Jennifer says:

      Great question! Since alcohol evaporates faster than water, it is included in Aromatic Diffuser recipes to help draw the oils up the reeds for maximum aeration. If you feel the rubbing alcohol interferes with the scent from your essential oils, you can use Vodka (2-3 Tbsp to 1/4 cup carrier oil) in its place – OR you do not have to use alcohol at all. Go for a 30% essential oil to the 70% carrier oil ratio if omitting the alcohol. Remember to use a neutral scented carrier oil such as Sweet Almond or Safflower. Mineral oil should be avoided as it is a petroleum-based product.
      Let me know what your favorite essential oil combos are for your diffuser!

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