Halloween Treats

Nobody wants to be a buzzkill on Halloween but the consumption and waste can be trying for us environmental types. Here are a few tips to get you through the Oct. 31st spooky madness.


Cocoa falls into that “Fair Trade essential” category (as does coffee). Believe it or not, Mars Company opted into the Fair Trade International agreement in 2011. By simply purchasing these brand name treats instead of the others, you are taking a stand for best labor practices globally.


3 Musketeers






If organic is the only option for your ‘Trick or Treaters’ look for these Chocolate companies – all of which use responsibly harvested, organic Palm fruit oil.

Endangered Species Chocolate – Donates 10% of its net profits to organizations that support species conservation, habitat preservation, and humanitarian efforts.


Divine Chocolate

Theo Chocolate

Alter Eco – Truffles in compostable wrappers.

Of course, your treats don’t have to be chocolates at all. Lollypops and gummies are always happily received.

Compost pumpkins!

Be sure to compost your pumpkins. And if you are able, offer to collect post-Halloween pumpkins from your building or street and transfer to a compost collection site.





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