Truly gifting LOVE on Valentine’s Day


Let’s send some LOVE to the earth – along with our sweethearts –  this Valentine’s Day! But who says chocolates and flowers have to be the only expression of your love? Consider some earth-conscious gifts that anyone would love to receive.

If flowers are non-negotiable, keep in mind that unless you are buying organic/fair trade, the flower industry is polluting and rife with unethical working conditions. Do your best to get loose, organic or VeriFlora certified, fair trade flower arrangements, and avoid arrangements using floral foam which is a non-recyclable, petroleum-derived product containing formaldehyde and carbon black. Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods offer some organic flower selections. Also, consider a gift of a beautiful, thriving house plant that will live on and flourish – while doing double duty as a natural air purifier!

Non-perishable Valentine Gift ideas from green design GOODS!

On the sweetest holiday of the year, be sure to show cocoa farmers respect and love by purchasing only ethical chocolates. Remember that it is estimated that 250 million child slaves are working to bring us our favorite coffee and chocolates. The good news is that generally, cocoa and coffee sourced outside of West Africa is ethically farmed. The bad news is that 70% of cocoa is from West Africa. Be sure to buy fair trade chocolate for those that you truly love this Valentine’s Day.

vosges10 Ethical Chocolates

Vosges Chocolate

Vosges oversees the entire value chain, from root to bar, and believes that protecting human rights is the shared responsibility of all parties involved in their cocoa production. Vosges insures that partners champion and uphold fair labor standards and policies.


screen-shot-2019-02-06-at-8-41-47-pmLake Champlain Chocolates

This Vermont company is a certified B Corp. featuring organic and Kosher selections. Fairtrade certified, Lake Champlain is dedicated to helping make a difference in the lives of cocoa farmers around the world.

Divine Chocolate

Divine Chocolate company has the distinction of being the only Fairtrade certified chocolate manufacturer that is co-owned by its farmers. This delicious company was honored as a “Best for the World” B Corp. in 2017.

Xocolatl Chocolate

An Atlanta small-batch chocolate company featuring organic cocoa from Bolivia. This deep, dense chocolate is similar to what you taste in South and Central America.

Theo Chocolate

A Seattle based company that ticks a lot of boxes! Organic, Fair for Life, non-GMO, and Kosher. Theo Chocolate supports the farmers of their supply chain and their family members by enabling farmer’s children with an education, secure nutrition, and a reinvestment in their communities.

Dandelion Chocolate

This small-batch, bean-to-bar company believes that good business practices can help foster positive social, environmental, and economic change. As with virtually all bean-to-bar companies, a commitment to transparency and traceability of the entire sourcing chain ensures best labor practices are adhered to. Dandelion posts their yearly sourcing reports on their website.

screen-shot-2019-02-06-at-10-01-02-pmChocolate and Love

The Chocolate and Love collection uses only certified organic ingredients with  cocoa, cane sugar, vanilla, and coffee certified by Fairtrade. A member of WeForest, Chocolate and Love is committed to reforestation.

Alter Eco Foods

You may have seen these individually, compostable wrapper – wrapped truffles and bars at Whole Foods – but did you know that they are preservative, soy, and palm kernel oil free? Made with coconut oil, Alter Eco chocolate is a B Corp., Fairtrade certified, Organic, Non-GMO over achiever!

Fran’s Chocolatesscreen-shot-2019-02-06-at-10-35-05-pm

Credited with sparking the artisan chocolate renaissance in the United States, Fran Bigelow’s fine chocolates have inspired both chocolate artisans and aficionados alike.  Certified Organic, Non-GMO, Fairtrade – Fran’s also offers Vegan confections.


Pascha Chocolatesscreen-shot-2019-02-06-at-10-46-39-pm

One of the only completely allergen-free chocolates on the market, which means: no nuts, soy, wheat, egg, dairy, sesame, and gluten. If that weren’t enough, Pascha’s cocoa beans are directly sourced from certified farms using approved agrarian, social and ecologically sustainable methods.


*Godiva is company to avoid until they put their money where their mouth is in regards to fair trade. Many major chocolate companies have vowed to incorporate 100% certified cocoa in their supply chains, and are making progress towards that goal every year. Godiva has not shared any plans to implement certified cocoa sourcing or programs to protect against child labor.

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