As a Sustainability Coordinator and Green Consultant, I encourage a smaller carbon footprint community-wide. Working with schools, I offer assemblies, seminars, presentations, outings and in-class visits guiding students in making a connection between waste and consumption behaviors and the environment. I also offer guidance to students and faculty to aid in school-wide implementation of recycling systems tailored to the specifications of each individual school.

Services include:

FlowerIconTiny    Recycling Assemblies

FlowerIconTiny    Curriculum based in-class presentations

FlowerIconTiny    Structural Recycling Plan

FlowerIconTiny    Organics/Compost system implementation

Advising a 6th grade Green Team

Advising a 6th grade Green Team

Presentation topics include:

FlowerIconTiny    Recycling & The Environment

FlowerIconTiny    Compost

FlowerIconTiny    Carbon

FlowerIconTiny    Water

FlowerIconTiny    Indoor Air Quality


Discussing ocean pollution with a group of Pre-K students

Discussing ocean pollution with a group of Pre-K students

As a member of Green Schools NY Public School Composting Pilot, I have experience overhauling existing (or non-existent) recycling systems. After the success of the compost pilot program on NYC’s Upper West Side, the New York City Departments of Sanitation and Education not only adopted the program, but have initiated an expansion of the cafeteria organics collection program citywide!

jGj (right) with Mayor de Blasio and members of the Upper West Side Composting Pilot

jGj (right) with Mayor de Blasio and members of the Upper West Side Composting Pilot

Showing students that they have reusable options to disposable lunch products

Showing students that they have reusable options to disposable lunch products

To encourage a zero-waste end goal, I offer waste-free lunch products to sell year round as a fundraiser for your school or organization. Click here to view products that are available.

Student 'Green Team' members with cafeteria source separation set-up

Student ‘Green Team’ members with cafeteria source separation set-up

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  1.' Aaron says:

    My name is Aaron Schulman and I teach 5th grade at Yorkville Community School on 88th/1st. It is a vibrant community school that embraces the neighborhood diversity. I am also the sustainability coordinator for the school which means I run the Green Team. We would love to coordinate a way to get some help stressing the importance of recycling in our school. Looking forward to hearing from you!

  2.' Greta says:

    MY Name Greta i am a Girl Scout leader we would like to have some presentation in our meeting in our school in Astoria SFACA . Our Girl are in 4th Grade. they Juniors.
    Please we would like to teach this kids about this planet how is change in and how we can help from now on

    • Jennifer says:

      Thank you for contacting me Greta! You will be hearing from me soon to discuss. Cheers!

  3.' Vanessa V Rosa says:

    My name is Vanessa Rosa and I am a UPK teacher. The next unit of study we are doing is on Recycling and I would appreciate more information.


    • Jennifer says:

      Vanessa, I apologize for the the late response. Recycling mandates vary from city to city – town to town. Let me know where you reside and I’ll look into the local mandates. One thing to keep in mind however is that the zero-waste movement has re-arranged the 3 Rs to Refuse, Reuse, Reduce & Recycle. A simple waste audit is a great way to assess common trash (& recycling) items that may have easy alternatives or end-of-life solutions. For instance, setting up a compost solution in classrooms (worm bins) or on school grounds (tumblers) can handle much of the soft paper (paper towels, tissues, napkins) that would normally end up in the trash. Let’s talk further. Would love to help more once I know where your school is.

  4.' Leslie Ortiz says:

    Good Afternoon!

    I would love to reach out to you and coordinate a possible workshop at my organization’s after school program in Astoria, Queens, NY. We currently work with K-5 during the hours of 2:50-5pm. I would love for you to contact me via email to possibly chat about what your workshops consist of and so on.

    Look forward to hearing from you soon!

    Leslie Ortiz.

  5.' Lilivette Alten says:

    Our first grade students are undergoing a unit of study where they are looking to propose a solution to the littering problem in our community of Washington Heights. We would appreciate more information on how you can support us. Thank you

    • Jennifer says:

      I’m happy to discuss a game-plan on a littering initiative for your students Lilivette! I will email you directly to discuss further. Thanks for reaching out!

  6.' Celeste Trevellini says:


    I am the sustainability Cordinator and science Teacher at my K-5 school.

    I am looking to find more information on an assembly to educate the school on proper waste disposal.

    Kind regards!

    • Jennifer says:

      Hi Celeste! With my history as a Sustainability Coordinator and former Sustainability Lead for NY Sun Works – I’ve given many Waste & the Environment assemblies to K-12th grade. Happy to discuss further. I’ll send you a direct email with fees and logistics : )

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