September 20 Climate Strike


On September 20th, Climate Strikers will march, protest, and make their voices heard. Led primarily by a coalition of youth-led organizations, the 9/20/2019 is an intergenerational day of striking that will launch an entire week of climate action across the world.

climate-strike-4113372_1920This is a call to stand with our youth who are taking the future of this planet into their hands. It’s shameful to recognize that increasingly the youth must lead in times of crisis – as the Parkland student survivors coalition moved the needle on recognition of the gun control crises more than any previous forces combined.

The US Climate Strike is made up of eight national youth-led climate groups. Their demands for the September 20 Climate Strike fall under five categories: 

  • A New Green Deal
  • Respect of Indigenous Land and Sovereignty
  • Environmental Justice
  • Protection and Restoration of Biodiversity
  • Implementation of Sustainable Agriculture

climate-action-4150536_1920How You Can Help

Show up!

Find a Climate Strike event near you. Just as you would support runners in a marathon – stand on the sidelines and cheer. Make a poster. Make noise. As an adult, you’ve been invited to the event so show them that you’ve got their back.

Help with Logistics

Students may need transport or transportation fare to get to their local event. Create a fund for those who want to participate but lack financial or physical support to do so. This includes the disabled. Invite local schools, after-school groups…sports teams in joining an existing coalition.

Invite Local Businesses to the Party

Businesses surrounding the event can be participants if they are looped in. Help to encourage businesses to promote and inform the community on how they positively address environmental issues. Inclusion of local businesses may inspire more sustainable operating decisions. Supporting local businesses in your community is a powerful way to benefit the environment when considering the carbon footprint and packaging alone of single day/free delivery online stores. 

Become an Environmental Initiative Leader for Students in your Community

Many students want to ‘be the change’ but lack organized support to be effective. Some ways you could lead:
FlowerIconTinyStudent ‘Materials & Recycling Awareness’ tables at local Green Markets, Street Fairs, and school events

FlowerIconTinyBee Keeping clubs

FlowerIconTinyPollinator garden planting teams

FlowerIconTinyFood Rescue 

FlowerIconTinyUrban and local farming initiatives

FlowerIconTinyReusable product sales profiting environmental organizations such as Sierra Club, Food and Water Watch, National Resources Defense Council, Environmental Defense Fund,, Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace… or a local initiative.

Can’t make it? – Spread the Word

Global Climate Strike’s website advises that outside of striking and organizing, the next best thing is to “Talk to everyone you know – young or grown-up – about the climate strikes, about what they’ve achieved already; and our role in supporting young people.” Use social media to amplify your commitment to the cause.

Screen Shot 2017-07-23 at 11.11.39 AMThe hard truth is that the fight for climate health requires all hands on deck. We can’t simply recycle our way out of this one. Our energy sources must be transitioned to 100% renewables. Our materials and plastics consumption must be curtailed. Our food sources and food waste must be addressed and modified. Deforestation must end and reforestation must be a priority. Our oceans must be protected in every way humanly possible. We can no longer operate using a business-as-usual model. The next generation of voters are taking the lead. Stand with them. Stand with your planet.



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