Great Performing Non-Toxic Paints

We are almost there – Spring! One of the quickest, easiest ways to freshen up is to paint. Be inspired, reinvent, renovate! Just be sure you are not adding polluting toxins to your home while you are at it. Compared to the selection a mere decade ago, low and no VOC paints have never been more widely available. Most paints claiming that they are no VOC (volatile organic compounds – the chemicals that make the air toxic) actually contain some VOCs because the tints that add color can nearly double a paint’s VOC content. The good news is the EPA has recently updated limitations and standards for VOCs in consumer goods which has resulted in much more stringent guidelines. Some states, such as CA, have traditionally surpassed the EPA regulations in this area. The upshot: you can find high performing, no VOC paints in nearly every home improvement or paint store. Here are a few that I can recommend:


Yolo ColorhouseYoloColorhouse

Not only made in my hometown – Portland – but they exceed VOC certifications on every ingredient. Every aspect of Yolo’s product strives for sustainability: soy ink labels, recycled plastic containers, bio-diesel fueled shipping. Home Depot now carries this line.

DuraSoy One

The soy technology in this paint replicates the thickness and smooth application of traditional oil based paints. DuraSoy gets great reviews from professionals. Available at Green Depot.

Ivy Coatings

Ivy PaintA Brooklyn based company offering zero VOC (even when tinted), premium quality, non-toxic, fast-curing paints. Ivy paints provide great coverage, can handle a scrubbing and are highly durable. With almost no odor during application, they are odor-free once dry. Ivy products are eligible for LEED credits as established by the US Green Building Council. Available at Green Depot.

EcoTrend Collagen

A no VOC, odorless paint that uses collagen (eggshell lining recovered from commercial bakery waste eggshells) as the paint’s binder. EcoTrend makes the “best coverage” lists consistently.

Mythic Paint

A non-toxic, ultra low odor paint, Mythic Paint provides the durability and coverage you expect from a premium paint, without emitting the VOCs after application.

Devine ColorDevine Paint

Another Oregon company, founded by artist Gretchen Schauffler. Devine is low odor, meets the strictest green standards, requires only one coat, and creates a luminous surface. They have wonderful selection of “Color Discovery Cards” to inspire you. Oh, and free shipping with no minimum is an added incentive.


Benjamin Moore’s high performing no VOC paint. Their Aura line is low VOC – but since Natura performs equally as well, opt for the no VOC. No need for a primer with this one! (Available where Benjamin Moore paints are carried)

Stark Paint

A water-based paint with no VOCs in the paint and colorants. Colors by British designer David Oliver. All Stark Paint colors are available in three paint finishes: velvet emulsion, porcelain shell, and lacquer gloss.Stark Paint

Devoe Wonder Pure

Devoe Wonder Pure is offering this premium no VOC paint at $30 a gallon. Good coverage. Solid for the value. Carried in independent paint stores (google for your area).

Green Planet Paints

Zero-VOC, petroleum free paints made from plant resins and mineral pigments, making Green Planet Paints one of the most sustainable paints on the market. Available in three finishes (flat, eggshell, and semigloss) and 120 mineral and clay-based colors.GreenPlanet


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